Dr. Mark is a sought after speaker and author on the issues of data security, privacy and regulatory compliance, particularly within the payments industry.  Following is a list of some of her articles, presentations, and papers.

Book Chapter

How to Survive and Thrive in the Merchant Services Industry (2009)

Written by Marc Beauchamp, this book provides an overview of the payments industry that is a “must-read” for those that are new to the business.  Mr. Beauchamp asked Dr. Mark to write a section on Data Security, which became Chapter 24.


Transaction World Magazine (2005-2014)

Dr. Mark wrote Transaction World Magazine for a number of years.  Topics included payments industry technology, security, compliance and risk management.

Direct Selling News 

Protecting Cardholder Data: Navigating PCI DSS (2007)


White Papers

Security as the Means to Consumer Privacy: Research Brief (2011)

This article discusses the relationship between data security and consumer privacy.

Understanding Modern Piracy (2011)

Dr. Mark was asked to write a paper for a Maritime Security company.  This paper attempts to explain the modern phenomenon of piracy.

Regulatory Sprawl (2010)

Dr. Mark shares her theories on the challenges of having disparate government and regulatory bodies mandating different levels of protection and privacy around consumer data.

 Beyond the PAN (2010)

In the payments industry, the focus on PCI DSS compliance can lead to an almost myopic focus on the protection of cardholder data.  However, most companies have maintain stores of sensitives data that range well beyond payment information.  Dr. Mark discusses the dangers of such a narrow focus and how companies can use regulations such as PCI DSS as a springboard to the protection of other types of data.